In our Clinic we perform the prophylactic vaccinations recommended due to their high effectiveness in preventing from many serious diseases.

In The Prophylactic Vaccinations Programme, next to the obligatory vaccines, there are also those recommended for particular groups of people due to their age, state of health or because of the epidemiological situation in the certain region.

The list of the recommended prophylactic vaccinations is issued by the Minister of Health.

The recommended vaccinations are those against the following diseases:
* pneumococcal infections (meningitis, sepsis, bacteraemia, pneumonia with bacteraemia)
* rotaviral diarrhoeas
* HBV for the groups with no obligatory vaccinations
* flu
* encephalitis ( caused by ticks)
* varicella
* infections caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, Neisseria meningitis
* cervical cancer caused by HPV ( vaccine against the virus HPV)