Marcin Goczewski, MD President of SonoExpert Sp. z o.o., Manager of SonoExpert non-public health care institution, family medicine, sports medicine, the Polish Society of Sports Medicine certificate

Dr. Zofia Michalska – an infectious disease specialist, a hepatologist, an internist (Pomeranian Centre for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis)

Dr. Malgorzata Grabowska – a specialist in internal medicine, nephrologist

Adam Kaluzny, MD – Urology Clinic, University Clinical Centre in Gdansk (in the course of specialization in urology)

MD Dominika Kiblicka-Kędzior – specialist neurologist

Ewa Styp-Rekowska, MD – specialist in internal medicine, rheumatologist, a specialist in physical medicine and balneoklimatologii (Provincial Team Rheumatology them. Dr. Jadwiga Titz-Kosko in Sopot)

Daniel Olkowski, MD – Provincial Hospital in Gdansk, Deputy Head of the Department of Pathology (specialist in pathology)

Maciej Pankau, MD Provincial Hospital in Gdansk, Department of Gynecology (training to be a specialist in gynecology)

Carolina Styborska, MD – medical doctor (in the course of specialization in pediatrics)

Ewa Gełdon – nurse (having a variety of training and certification min.: to carry out the vaccination and the implementation and interpretation of the ECG)