Sport Medicine

Sport medicine takes advantage of the scientific sources from physiology, biology, biochemistry, food hygiene as well as the professional medical knowledge from the disciplines as orthopaedic, surgery, cardiology or internal medicine. Sport medicine mostly deals with an influence of physical activity and training on the organism of a sportsman, problems of sportsmen diet ( having meals fluid and solid before during and after performing a physical activity), legal doping and all the regenerating methods.

We issue the certificates allowing to undertake a particular sport discipline in children and young adults till 21 years old. We perform preliminary, periodic and control examinations in patients wanting to obtain mentioned certificate.

Preliminary, periodic and control examinations include:

1) the general medical examination

2) specialistic and diagnostic examinations in the range that is necessary to issue such a certificate:
anthropomorphic measurements general medical examinations orthopaedic examinations exercise test dental overview ECG examination urine analysis with microscopic evaluation of the sedimentation, sedimentation rate, blood morphology laryngologic consultation ophthalmologic consultation neurological consultation electroencephalographic consultation blood glucose test x-ray of the cervical part of the spinal column x-ray of the lumbar part of the spinal column spirometry

Our Clinic has also cycle ergo-meter used for exercise test. We also perform ultrasound examination of the injuries of the ligaments, muscles, articulations and tendons.