Outpatient Clinic Of Breast Diseases

Breast neoplasms are ones of the most common neoplasms in women. The death ratio of breast cancer is on an increase as the moment of diagnosis is too late in most cases. 90 % of breast changes are benign, however each of them should carefully examined by a specialist. The breast cancer disease diagnosed on an early stage of its development gives very huge chances for a full recovery.

In our Clinic we offer every woman the possibility for a medical consultation with the specialist dealing with all the breast diseases.

We also perform prophylactic as well as diagnostic examinations.


Diagnosis and treatment of the breast diseases includes the following illnesses:
– benign breast neoplasms
– mastopathy ( fibrocystic displasia of the breast)
* breast infections due to delivery
* inflammatory stages of the breast
* breast hyperplasia
* breast atrophy
* breast injuries

Diagnosis includes the following procedures:
– US of the breast
– fine-needle aspiration biopsy
– cytology
– histopathology examinations
– microbiology examinations ( culture, antibiogram)