Patients with many different skin problems refer to the dermatologists. Quite often there are young people entering adolescence or patients suffering from disturbing skin lesions such as rash, papules, vesicles, pustules. These are the problems that can not be solved with the use of cosmetics. In order to successfully treat these skin lesions, dermatological consultation is needed. Quite often skin problems are the symptoms of the systemic diseases that is the reason why our doctors cooperate with the other specialists. In our Clinic we also provide a consultation of the angiosurgeon as well as of the aesthetic medicine specialist.


The most common skin diseases are the following:
-atopic dermatitis: is a chronic illness genetically determined, with an onset usually in an early childhood. The most common symptoms are the following: eczema, itch, inflammatory state, dry skin and lichenization.

* seborrhoic dermatitis: is a chronic illness where the lesions occur on the hairy skin areas of the head, face and the chest. The typical symptoms are: erythema, desquamation and itch.
* psoriasis: is a chronic and recurrent disease characterised by the presence of exfoliating skin lesions.
* juvenile acne: is a chronic skin disease characterised by seborrhoea, inflammatory pustules and creation of blackheads, papules and scars.
* acne rosacea: is the disease occurring mostly in women over 30 years old and presenting with inflammatory skin lesions on the face, starting with the central part ( the central forehead, nose, area around the lips, chin).

Dermatological problems are so easy to notice. Therefore, after spotting any worrying symptoms on the skin, it is essential to refer to the dermatologist as soon as possible.